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Proposal for Community Greenhouse in La Falda, Argentina

La Falda is small city in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, renowned as a tourist attraction and popular getaway spot. Currently, La Falda is undergoing a real estate and development boom and many houses and hotels along the iconic Eden Avenue are being sold to make way for new restaurants, shopping centers, banks and condos.

While walking along Eden Avenue during a trip last fall, Verónica and I noticed an abandoned squash court that has become a popular graffiti spot for local kids, as well as a site to successional vegetation.

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Water Struggles in Córdoba

A series of special reports on the state of the water in the Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina. Since I’ve been living here for six months, and am about to experience my first summer here, I’ve heard a lot about last years’ water shortages, and rumors about upcoming ones. These videos (in spanish) provide a good summary on (some of) the causes for this phenomenon.

While there is a good deal of information about the ill-effects of cattle grazing on the Sierras, there is notably absent any discussion of transgenic soy farming, and its related destructive effects, which are currently a far worse threat to the society, water supply and environment in Córdoba and other parts of Argentina.

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Lechuga Loca with Avocado Tree

A simple and practical design using recycled plastic bottle that combines relatively quick cultivation of lettuce or other leafy produce with slow germination of an avocado (or other fruit or nut) tree. The avocado (Palta) tree is native to South America and therefore can be part of a design to integrate autochthonous trees into (urban) reforestation efforts.

In this way we can combine early development of our own food forest system and/or reforestation efforts, with immediate home-scale production of edible greens.

Such a tree that is germinated in the home and on the kitchen table is not just “a tree” out in the field, but it is growing and developing within the energy field of a loving person, community or family. It will be a tree that has listened to our music, smelt our food and watched our favorite movies too. In this we are helping a new kind of edible and urban forest to grow.

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